What Lagoa Has to Offer?

Lagoa is a 3D cloud platform startup based in Montreal. According to news, Lago has got 3DTin which is a 3D modeling tool.   Lagoa takes help from cloud processing in order to get photoreal 3D visualization and also let developers invent their own application by using API Library. Lagoa is a wonderful tool for engineers, designers, 3D artists, advertisers and architects and let them finalize spectacular 3D content. CEO and co-founder of Lagoa, Thiago Costa said: The browser-based nature Read More Awesomeness Here![...]

Want to See First 3D Scan of Tower of Pisa?

The first ever detailed 3D scan of Leaning Tower of Pisa has been created by a Team of researchers from Australia. The 3D scan has been created with the help of a handheld 3D scanner.   Zebedee technology has been developed by the researchers from CSIRO which is a handheld controlled 3D mapping system. The device is incorporated with a laser scanner which sways on a spring and is able to catch millions of detailed measurements of any location or architecture. The device works really Read More Awesomeness Here![...]

3D Print Shop Franchise in France

Many of you might have heard the news about the starting of 3D printing centers of Staples in Netherlands and that they have started 3D printing services online for the residents of Netherlands. Now they are looking forward to open a 3D printing shop for people to actually check 3D printed objects physically and buy them. The shop will be selling 3D printed figurines, 3D printed customized objects and other items which may interest them. The first ever 3D print shop franchise by Digiteyezer is Read More Awesomeness Here![...]

3D Printers For Peace Contest

You might have heard about the 3D Printers for Peace Contest which was created by Joshua Pearce who is the associate professor of material science. According to him, he was really irritated by every blaming 3D printing technology for the creation of 3D printed guns and neglecting all good aspects. So he laid foundation to this contest in order to tell the world what good comes with this emerging technology.   According to the contest website: 3D printing is changing the world. Unfortunately, Read More Awesomeness Here![...]

3D Printed Jewelry at Style Shapes

    3D printing has brought a revolution in Fashion industry without any doubt. Everything has been printed from heels to gowns. But the amount and style of jewelry being printed by 3D printing technology has no comparison with any other item. There are so many websites which offers 3D printed jewelry to their customers. More variety sometimes create confusion of choice as well so in order to help you choose just what you want, Style Shapes has collected all the 3D -printed jewelry Read More Awesomeness Here![...]

3D Print Custom Monstermatic App

  Monstermatic is the first free mobile game app which is launched by Los Angeles, California basic gaming studio. This gaming app lets users create their own customized monsters and get them 3D printed. The gaming studio who launch this app is known as startup Mico Studio. The game app also lets its users share, imagine, interact and 3D print the monsters with the help of 3D printers. According to the founder of Mico Studio, Clayton Mitchell: Some studios encourage the purchase of Read More Awesomeness Here![...]

Who Knows About Capital of Innovation?

  Innovation is the top priority of Europe 2020 strategy and it is also considered vital for the growth of economy and business competitiveness. In this regard, European Commission has initiated the search for first European Capital of Innovation which is named as iCapital from September. The Commission will be looking for those cities which are building innovation ecosystem and making it the best one for their organizations, people, business and academia. The best city according to commission Read More Awesomeness Here![...]

NASA is funding Research to Create Strong Objects with 3D Printers

The researchers at Mission University of Science and Technology are working on 3D printing technology in order to build stronger and more durable objects to be used in Space. NASA has funded these projects which will definitely encourage researchers. The researchers at Missouri S & T have been working to develop laser sintering. This process requires high-powered lasers to melt down particles of powdered materials which will exit nozzle and create 3D objects. The advantage of 3D printing technology Read More Awesomeness Here![...]

Get Your Gold iPhone 3D Printed

All of you know about the release of Apple's new iPhone, iPhone 5S and 5C. According to CEO of Apple Tim Cook, that they are going to replace iPhone 5 with two new designs instead of one. iPhone 5S will be available in silver, 'space grey' and Gold. Yes, iPhone in Gold. Uniqueness has always been the key to success and fame for Apple and to get this golden iPhone 5S, fans are eagerly waiting for the sale to begin. For those, who are still hanging on to previous versions of iPhone but still Read More Awesomeness Here![...]

How to Turn iPad into 3D Scanner?

  Recently first-ever 3D sensor for mobile devices has been launched on Kickstarter by a San Francisco based company. The company has been focusing on computer vision-bases applications since long.   This invention consists of a structure sensor which once attached to a mobile device opens new ways of 3D scanning. Users will be able to use mobile 3D applications in a wide perspective and 3D modeling of interior spaces will become fairly possible. According to designer: With Read More Awesomeness Here![...]

Software by Disney Researchers to create 3D Printed Mechanical Toys

Few years back, creation of clockwork automatons which require series of oddly shaped threads and gears was not an easy task. But now the researchers at Disney  have developed such software which allow users to create animated mechanical characters without any knowledge of mechanics or engineering.   The developer of this software belong to labs at ETH Zürich and MIT and the Disney Research Labs in Zürich and Boston. Now a user with almost no sense of engineering and mechanics Read More Awesomeness Here![...]

What is Digital Grotesque?

Digital Grotesque is a room which is completely 3D printed. Yes, the entire room is printed out of 3D printers. The idea of this 3D printed room was taken by a cathedral-like room which was made out of sandstone. The architects of this room are Benjamin Dillenburger and Michael Hansmeyer. The designers who created 3D printed version of the room use different algorithms to further divide and create complex patterns by repeating the shapes. The objects took quite complicated shapes that a room Read More Awesomeness Here![...]

Who are the Finalists of Jet Engine Bracket Design Challenge?

  Did you know that the world's largest supplier of jet engines, GE aviation division use laser printers in order to print jet engines for next generation. Few months back, two additive manufacturing quests were launched by GE aviation in which they invited many companies, institutions and entrepreneurs to give some solution. One of these quests was based on aircraft engine bracket production with the help of 3D printing while the second quests was based on the betterment of healthcare by Read More Awesomeness Here![...]

Which was World’s First 3D Printed Gun?

  V & A Museum of London has acquired two prototypes of Liberator gun which is known to be the world's first 3D printed gun. The gun will be accompanying one disassembled weapon and number of archive items. This gun will arrive the museum soon as part of London Design Festival.   According to news, the first ever 3D printed gun was created by Cody Wilson and is the best way to describe useful effects of 3D printers and other issues which come along with it. This gun was shot Read More Awesomeness Here![...]

Online 3D Printing Services by Staples

Staples is now offering online 3D printing services in Netherlands. The process to avail their printing services is pretty basic. You will have to upload your 3D design to the official site and it will be 3D printed on their Iris 3D printers from MCOR Technologies. There is also an online 3D objects catalog section on the site from which you may choose anything of your choice and get it printed. If you want to sell something, there is a Staple web store whose services you can avail.   The Read More Awesomeness Here![...]

What are Tiny 3D Printed Organs Used For?

  It does not matter if it is the Ebola virus or Ricin and Sarin in case of biological and chemical response, effective antidotes had to be ready by doctors. A creative $24 million project has been initiated and funded by the U.S. Department of Defense in order to fasten up the development of new therapies. The main mission of this project is to develop "body on chip" which will be used to develop these countermeasures. This project is lead by Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and special Read More Awesomeness Here![...]

First Move by RepRap Wally Beta Kit

  All of you may have read about the invention of Delta printer Simpson by Nicholas Seward in July. Now another unique 3D printer named as Wally is ready by him. This is an advanced version of Simpson with low cost effectiveness and less plastic consumption. The new printer is a wall bot so everything will be mounted on a wall. This printer has got better resolution and faster speed. Wally is equipped with following features: No linear rails 28 cheap 608 bearings 12 Read More Awesomeness Here![...]

Artec 3D scan of the battle field of Borodino

  The Borodino battlefield was recently scanned by Artec 3D on the request of Russian Academy of Sciences. This is the same field where Russian forces stopped Napoleon in year 1812 outside Moscow.       The battlefield of Borodino is reaching its 200th anniversary and to mark it as a special occasion, Russian Academy of Sciences asked Artec to help them with the excavation and documentation of battle field. They were given the assignment to scan the remains Read More Awesomeness Here![...]

3D Printed 8-bit videogame drink coasters

For those who like retro video games and drinking while playing, here is an amazing news for you. On Thingiverse, you may find a set of 8 video game coasters with themed coaster holder for set of 4 or 8. These downloadable designs are provided by Maker Hockenmaier. At Thingiverse, you will be able to get openSCAD package as well. According to users, the design is really cool and game coasters along with holders can be easily printed. Here is a video given which will give you demonstration Read More Awesomeness Here![...]

Students Build and fly 3D Printed Plane

  Students from AFLR Discovery Lab Program has created custom 3D printed aircraft. The printer used for the printing of these aircrafts was Makerbot Replicator 2X. Three students named Ben Rhoads, Nathan Kidder and Brian Jackson were given the task to create a 3D printed aircraft which is fully functional. This project was assigned by the Air Force Research Laboratory and Wright Brothers Institute. The area chosen for the operation and testing of these aircrafts was Wright-Patterson Air Read More Awesomeness Here![...]